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Some of our New Hope Valley Community residents

“We’re like family here.”

“We’re like family here.”

New Location, Same Values

We’re excited to offer a new option in assisted living. New Hope is adding a new location to our award-winning communities. 

Residents safety

Because the elderly population is especially vulnerable, New Hope takes extra care to ensure our residents’ safety and security. We hope that our focus on meeting the needs of our residents every hour of every day will bring you peace of mind.

We understand the stress and anxiety that is part of being the “sandwich” generation; you have children to care for and now you have added responsibilities in caring for elderly parents.

Residents needs

New Hope communities operate on a resident-centered model. Everything we do puts our residents’ needs first and foremost. That means we will ensure that each resident has opportunities to enrich their physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual needs..

Mission & Values

You want to do what’s best for your parents. They took care of you; now it’s your turn to care for them, but you only have so many hours in a day. You worry about aging parents while you’re at work. When you stop in to visit, you’re preoccupied with their health and finances.

New Hope sees its mission as taking the burden off your shoulders. Let us see to the day-to-day needs of your parents, so you can simply enjoy spending time with them. You and your loved ones can both enjoy an improved quality of life by focusing on your top priority: your relationships with each other.

It’s our mission and our joy to support families in a time of transition. In fact, we strive to make the whole New Hope community feel like family.

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