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Erie – 500 square foot

The Erie is our most modest layout available, and suitable for anyone looking for a cozy and enjoyable place to call home.  The Erie provides enough room for the resident to feel comfortable, providing quick and access between each room.

Michigan – 600 square foot

The Michigan is a very popular layout. It is suitable for anyone looking for a spacious one bedroom apartment. The Michigan provides more room for the residents to walk about and make it their home.

Michigan + – 630 sqaure foot

The Michigan Plus layout is slightly larger than the Michigan apartment. It is very popular with couples and is also suitable for anyone looking for a more spacious floor plan than the Erie and Michigan.

Huron – 720 square foot

The Huron, with its spacious layout, is our largest one bedroom offered to our residents. It is coupled with 1 1/2 bathrooms.

Superior – 947 square foot

The Superior is New Hope White Lake’s largest apartment. With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, its footprint provides a generous amount of space for our residents.

Ontario – 470 square foot

The Ontario has a distinctive open floor plan that is cozy, self-contained, and effective. It features a large, beautiful bathroom and a kitchenette with high grade granite countertop. The Ontario is brightened by two bay windows providing great views and sunlight.

Available for memory care residents only.


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